- What is a Pin2DMD?

Pin2DMD is a Colour DMD LED Display for your Pinball Machine. Perfect if your old Plasma has worn out, you want a colour display or if you need a low voltage solution.

 - Why should I buy from Retrocity?

We are more than a retailer of Pin2DMD hardware. We work closely with creators to help find and fix bugs, create new features and give suggestions to make the platform greater and overall are very active in the Pin2DMD scene. 

We also work very closely with a lot of the Pin2DMD colour authors so we can relay feedback and suggestions quickly, often helping them with troubleshooting and fixing issues.

We are also familiar with colouring games ourselves so we have a deep understanding of the whole process.

- What pinball machines are supported?

Almost all pinball machines that have a standard size, half size or XL size Plasma DMD are supported.

- I don't see my pinball machine listed. Can I still use a Pin2DMD?

Absolutely! If your pinball machine isn't listed you can still use a Pin2DMD but you will only have a single colour of your choice or a default set of colours. So if you want to replace that old worn out DMD you can upgrade to an LED Pin2DMD now!

- Who supports the software?

We sell the hardware which we fully warrant and support. We will also support troubleshooting and general software issues and setup. The content creators who colour the games will generally support the files, but we are happy to help with general questions about that.

Please note that all colour files will solely depend on the author who colours it and we ultimately have no control over this. While we try our best to represent the game on the site, it is best to reach out to us or them for more information before placing an order. 

- I bought a Pin2DMD and a certain scene looks wrong/not coloured

As we sell the hardware, the software falls on the colour file creators. We are more than happy to help resolve any issues but please be aware that there are many combinations of machine setting, rom versions and scenes that not everything may be perfect. Some of these can be fixed by using the recommended language and rom version. Others may be required to be updated in the future.

- My Pin2DMD doesn't power on, help!

The Pin2DMD is a low voltage powered device. It is generally powered by your power driver board in your back box or a connection on one of your PCBs. If your machine has an existing issue it may prevent the Pin2DMD from powering on. Please contact us if you have any issues getting your device working and we would be happy to help.

- My Colours don't work!

The colour files are stored on the SD card. Possible issues causing wrong colours or no colours are:

You have not loaded the correct files. Please contact the author to confirm.

Your machine has a credit dot. A credit dot is an identifier that indicates at a glance that there is an issue with the machine. This could be as simple as the time and date not set, to a switch or lamp not working. If the colour file doesn't compensate for this then you will get dropped colours. It's best to have a fully working machine before installing your Pin2DMD. Many authors do compensate for this credit dot and the file game runs as it should.

The Rom version is not compatible with your colour file. Update your game rom if needed.

The Pin2DMD settings are incorrect or corrupt. Reset the Pin2DMD and set the device again.

The SD Card isn't fully inserted into the device. Please make sure the SD card is fully inserted into the Pin2DMD. As it is spring loaded it can come loose with handling.

The activation has failed. Check that your activation is still current, if it is not please reach out to us.

The SD Card is corrupt. Backup the SD card and format the SD as Fat32, copy the files back and try again.

The colour files are not named correctly. Pin2DMD colour files need to be named with the word pin2dmd followed by either a .pal or .fsq extension. If it has any other name it may not load. An exception to this is the filename being the UID.

The file is a beta file and not complete. Please read below.

- What is a Beta file?

If the product has "beta" or "beta file" next to the game name it means the file the authors provide for this game is in a beta/unfinished state. Please understand this before placing your order. We do not have any control over how or when the new games get coloured, but as stated above, we try and work with all of the authors to help get the games to a finished state. There are no etas for completion of files but you're welcome to ask before ordering and we can give you an indication of what stage the game is at. There are no refunds for any colour files final version or otherwise, as this is between you and the colour file creator and not Retrocity, unless of course the hardware has a fault and it needs to be replaced/refunded in its entirety.

- When will "New Game" be released?

While we try and keep our list updated as best as possible, all colour file game releases are up to the creators and not us. We can't give any dates or etas and it is up to them to provide information. We will usually update our list and have any new releases listed on the day or close to the day of release. 

Are you associated with any other sellers or manufacturers?

No. We are based in Australia and and sell, service and provide our own support for all products we manufacture and sell. We do not have any resellers or dealers in any other country. We may however from time to time recommend or link other companies which we trust to provide high quality hardware and support.

Why do some games cost more than others?

Retrocity will never charge you for the Pin2DMD Firmware or Software, but not all Hardware and titles cost the same. This can be due to the components required to run the type of system such as HD panels and extra parts such as speakers and metal frame for the HD devices, the larger screens of the Sega XL displays and extra panel it requires, to things such as if a title has a single colour only, which has no programming involved, a beta file which isn't finished compared to a game that needs to be programmed or requires extra parts to work or use, such as bundling it with a clear acrylic shield or an extra harness etc. All these things are taken into consideration when pricing each individual device.