Retrocity provides the Pin2DMD Firmware and Software at no charge to the end user. Retrocity is permitted to bundle the Firmware and Software for free with the hardware it sells by authorisation by the Firmware creator and associated creators. Retrocity will never charge for the Firmware or Software.

Items and software may be made available on this site in a variety of ways:

- An explicit agreement between us and the owner.

- Made freely available by a manufacturer or creator.

- Items which fall under ‚Äúfair use‚ÄĚ laws.

- Items in the public domain.

Prices charged for Hardware include:

- The cost of the materials.

- Other necessary materials.

- Packaging.

- Postage.

- Labor.

- Time involved in programming.

- Activation or other fees incurred by the seller.

- Advertising.

- General business running costs.

There is no charge or any cost associated for the firmware or software itself contained on the hardware. Any firmware or software remains property of the author. We do not sell or claim ownership to ANY firmware or software.

Software regarding any game:

- You must own the game you are purchasing hardware for.

- Hardware on this site is sold on the basis that you are upgrading/repairing your own game.

- Hardware is not sold for the purpose of reverse engineering, altering, or creating derivative works.

- We do not distribute software or firmware images in any form other than on the media necessary to install it in the hardware. 

- All software is freely available on the internet but we will not supply direct links or downloads.

- By purchasing the hardware you are agreeing to the terms laid out above and release Retrocity of any consequences of your purchase.

If you have any questions regarding these matters please contact us at