Pin2DMD Activation

Please note: All firmware and software is provided free of charge and comes without warranty. If you are not sure about anything, please contact us first.

While almost all of the Pin2DMD products Retrocity sell are Pre-Activated, we now have the option for purchasing non activated units. 

If you have purchased a non activated unit, you will be given instructions on how to obtain an activation file.

Please note Retrocity only supports the Official Genuine EVO Displays and no Custom or Nucleo Displays.


- In order to activate your Pin2DMD firmware, first follow the instructions provided to you in the email.
- After you have obtained and downloaded your file, make sure it has not been renamed and has .key on the end. 
- Copy the .key file to the included Micro SD card provided in your Pin2DMD.
- Insert the Micro SD Card into your Pin2DMD and power it on.
- If you insert the Micro SD Card while the Pin2DMD is still on, press the reset button on the back.
- Your Pin2DMD will now be activated.