Pin2DMD Firmware

Please note: All firmware and software is provided free of charge and comes without warranty. If you are not sure about anything, please contact us first.

The latest Pin2DMD Firmware can be downloaded from the links below. Please only update if you have been instructed to.

Please note Retrocity only supports the Official Genuine EVO Displays and no Custom or Nucleo Displays.

The files below are update files only (.UPD files).


- In order to update your Pin2DMD firmware, first select the correct file from the list below. After you have downloaded your file, make sure it has not been renamed and has .upd on the end. 
- Copy the .upd file to the included Micro SD card provided in your Pin2DMD.
- Insert the Micro SD Card into your Pin2DMD and power it on.
- The screen will go blank for a few seconds and the display will reboot.
- Your Pin2DMD will now be updated to the latest firmware.

Latest Pin2DMD Firmware Download Files:

Pin2DMD x32 & x16 - Firmware Update File

Pin2DMD Sega XL - Firmware Update File

Pin2DMD HD - Firmware Update File