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Pin2DMD Colour DMD Full Package - HD 256x64 Sega / Stern

Pin2DMD Colour DMD Full Package - HD 256x64 Sega / Stern

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New V3 shipping NOW! No wait times. Completely redesigned from the ground up and as always, 100% Plug and Play.

- Fully Plug and Play, Setup with Everything
- HD 256x64 Pin2DMD Colour DMD - Activated
- Custom Hard Backed HD LED Displays Allow for Precise Alignment and No Gap!
- Beautifully Powder Coated Metal Speaker Panel, Now Even Stronger.
- Custom Designed PCB Allows for a Perfect Fit
- 30w Speakers X2 The Same Size As Our WPC Model
- Speaker Grills
- Power Harness
- Speaker Harness
- MicroSD Card
- Metal Mounting Plate for Whitestar Games
- 12 Months Warranty

A Complete all in one HD Colour DMD Display + Metal Speaker Panel + Speakers setup for Stern Pinball Machines. Limited quantities available. These are massive, see the second picture for a comparison to a standard colour dmd. Plug and Play with all necessary cables and SD Card. We only use the highest quality parts in our displays backed by a 12 month warranty.

Will only support Stern Whitestar & SAM games on the dropdown list.

Please select your game above. 

Don't see your game listed? That means there probably isn't a full colour file available yet. Don't worry, you can always buy a unit to replace your old worn out DMD and run a single colour of your choice. Please select the "NO COLOUR FILE" option.

Beta or Beta file next to the game name means that the colour file is not finished/complete and may have missing scenes etc.

Please read the FAQ if you are unsure of what you need or feel free to contact us.

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